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Satoshi’s Lounge is an exclusive club that delivers high-value information and modern products to members today so they can stay one step ahead of the pack tomorrow.

We incentivize those inside influential circles to break rank with the status quo quietly. We provide a highly privacy-focused place to consume curated work from visionaries, experts and the technology diaspora.

Experts On-Demand

Ask experts in various fields their opinion on the topics that matter to you.

Curated Information

We post twice per day. Posts disappear after a week unless you favorite them.

White Glove Service and Deals

Enquiries and sales are handled by top executives only.

VIP Events

Access to private after parties for networking following events.

Privacy First

You cannot post publicly or contact other members. Everyone will see your comments on a post and if you contact an expert or take a deal, the counterparts will know you.

Our rose gold metal perforated and engraved card is as much a piece of art as its s a functional item. Your picture is engraved by an aspiring artist.

A symbolic token crafted by Ananomous to let you know that we take your privacy seriously. The only way for others to know that you are a member is by publicly announcing it yourself.

App available for download on IOS and Google Play Store.

Membership is for C-Level executives, founders and business personalities. You must be invited to join.

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